Services Available

Some of the services provided by Law Offices Smith & Smith, P.C. include:

  • Land Conveyancing and Title Abstracts
  • Preparation of Deeds between family members
  • Deed preparation between buyers and sellers of improved and unimproved lots
  • Medical Directives (Living Wills)


Will and Trust Preparation encompasses everything from the preparation of Simple Wills between a husband and wife (with children) to Wills that set up tax saving trusts for the benefit of the following generations. Our Trust preparation services also include Irrevocable Trusts for the preservation of assets, Living Trusts, and representation concerning Trustee appointments and tax consequences.
Estate and Probate Administration is complete representation in the probate process, from the initial probate of the will to setting up the “estate account,” locating assets, payment of creditors and filing of Pa. Inheritance Tax Return and Federal Tax Return (Form 706). Our law offices utilize a fully computerized Tax Return preparation and Inventory. Also, we advise on pre-death tax planning to reduce probate administration.
Our Corporate and Business Entity Formation services includes all the necessary filings for corporate formation, including “S Corps,” Professional Corporations and Non-Profit Corporations. We also conduct the preparation of By-Laws, Shareholders Agreements and Corporate Minutes.
We will conduct the preparation of Durable Powers of Attorney which contain the extensive powers to act on behalf of a family member. Our services also include the preparation of “Living Will” in accordance with Advance Directive for Health Care Act, which directs when doctors should refrain from certain surgical and medical procedures according to the request of patient.